Finland 2014: Hanna Sky to the Finals!

After today’s Second Heat, it was announced that Hanna Sky will go directly to the finals with her song Hope.

On the stage was a joy, power, presence. Definitely the best of the night show-Aija Puurtinen (UMK judge)

Hanna got a lot of recognition by the judges and was overwhelmed by the results.

MAKEA did not make the semi finals and missing it by one point behind MadCraft’s Shining Bright. The Semi Finals will consist of eight artist from the past two heats and only six songs will pass through the Finals. There will be no jury voting for the Semi Finals and it will solely be public televoting only.

The Semi Finalists:

MIAU  “God/Drug”
Dennis Fagerström “My Little Honey Bee”
Hukka ja Mama “Selja”
Jasmin Michaela “Kertakäyttösydän”
Lauri Mikkola “Going Down”
Clarissa feat. Josh Standing “Top of the World”
Mikko Pohjola “Sängyn reunalla”
MadCraft “Shining Bright”

The Semi Finals will be held next Saturday January 25th, 2014.

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