Hungary 2014: Heat 1 tomorrow

Tomorrow Hungary will decide who will go to the Semi Finals.

The National Selection for Hungary will be A Adal (The Song), which was first introduced in 2012. There will be a total of ten entries in this heat, and only six will advance to the semi finals.

The first three with the highest scores from the jury will go to the semi finals, whilst the rest of the seven entries will have the public to decide via SMS which three will go to the semi finals.

Click on the song to listen.

Artist Song
Depresszió “Csak a zene”
Extensive “Help Me”
Group’N’Swing “Retikül”
Leslie Szabó “Hogy segíthetnék”
Marge “Morning Light”
Hien “The Way I Do”
Laura Cserpes “Úgy szállj”
Lil C “Break Up”
Viktor Király “Running Out Of Time”
Ibolya Oláh “Egy percig sztár”

One of the judges is Madgi Ruzsa who represented Hungary in 2008 with the song ‘Unsubstantial Blues’. It came in 9th place with 128 points.

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