A dal Heat 1 results

The Hungarian National Final  ” A Dal” kicked off tonight in Budapest with 1st heat. Ten acts competed tonight to get one of the 6 tickets for the semifinal. The contestants were :

  • Úgy szállj – Cserpes Laura
  • Csak a zene – Depresszió
  • Help Me! – Extensive
  • Retikül – Group’n’Swing
  • The Way I Do – Hien
  • Running Out Of Time – Király Viktor
  • Break Up – Lil C
  • Morning Light – Marge
  • Egy percig sztár – Oláh Ibolya
  • Hogy segíthetnék? – Szabó Leslie

The Hungarian jury picked the top 3  songs that advanced without having to go through the televoting procedures. The jury favorites were :

1. Running out of time,  Viktor Kiraly

2. Morning light , Marge

3. Hogy segithetnek? , Leslie Szabo

The remaining 7 songs had to go through televoting and the public chose other 3 songs :

Csak a zene, Depresszió

Retikül, Group’n’Swing

Egy percig sztár, Oláh Ibolya

A dal will be back next week with 10 more contestants fighting for 6 places ! Stay tuned


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