‘Heartbeat for Ireland!

Cann-linn feat Kasey Smith wins the vote to represent Ireland!

The Late Late Show’ Hosted by Ryan Tubridy threw a special Eurovision program to select their Irish entry for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Five acts performed live and among them was their mentors. During the performances the judge panel gave their opinion and were asked if the acts had what it takes to win the Eurovision Song Contest. There was a lot of controversy on what is a Eurovision type of song. Linda Martin had an opinion of more of Kasey-Smith-Can-Linn-Heartbeat-Eurovision-Eurosong-2014-600x400sparkly clothes and a song to stand out from the crowd. Although I do agree on the song that needs to stand out, the outfit is not a key thing to win the contest. Lena Meyer from Germany won the contest in 2011 while wearing just a black attire and only her on-stage.

Linda Martin also had a fall out with one of the mentors. At the end of the night, all had simmered down and the voting finally began.

‘Heartbeat’ won the audience hearts with the song and will be flying the Irish flag in Copenhagen. Listen to the song and let us know what you think!


Ireland will compete in the second semi final at the Eurovision Song Contest in May 10th, 2014.


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