Sanna Nielsen wins Melodifestivalen 2014!

Sanna Nielsen will represent Sweden!

“I can’t believe it, I’m really shocked but happy of course”-Sanna Nielsen


Photo: Olle Kirchmeier/SVT

On her seventh attempt to represent Sweden, Sanna finally won the Melodifestivalen competition and will be representing Sweden this May at the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, Denmark.

It was a very VERY close race. The first points were given from the International jury and it was Ace Wilder that had the lead by 7

points. Later the Swedish votes came in and Sanna Nielsen scored 212 points and Ace Wilder 2010 points, making Sanna the winner by a merger of two points!

International Jury result

International Jury result

She seemed shocked and very happy. Alcazar had a great performance as well and came in third 100 points behind Ace Wilder. The popular Helena Paparizou came in fourth with a total of 84 points.

During the interval, former Swedish Eurovision performers made a tribute to ABBA.

Final Results

  1. Sanna Nielsen, Undo 212 points
  2. Ace Wilder, Busy Doin’ Nothin’ 200 points
  3. Alcazar, Blame it on the Disco 110 points
  4. Helena Paparizou, Survivor 84 points
  5. Linus Svenning, Bröder 83 points
  6. YOHIO, To The End 82 points
  7. Ellen Benediktson, Songbird 61 points
  8. Oscar Zia, Yes We Can 53 points
  9. Panetoz, Efter Solsken 33 points
  10. Anton Ewald, Natural 18 points

*According to an interview between Anton Ewald and Wiwiblogs, Anton has no interest in coming back to Melodifestivalen.

Sanna Singing ‘Undo’ after winning Melodifestivalen

Check out the pictures from tonight’s show!

All photos provided by Olle Kirchmeier/SVT


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