Conchita Wurst speaks to INFE USA

conchitaConchita Wurst was selected to represent Austria in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Keith Brooks, a member of INFE USA, had the opportunity to do an interview with Conchita Wurst via Skype and 10 INFE USA members were selected to ask questions to Conchita herself. Watch the video and see who is her role model, who is her favorite Eurovision entrant and what she thinks of the LGBT community.

Conchita herself admitted to be very happy and overwhelmed by the American fans and support. We would live to wish Conchita Wurst the best of luck!

Due to unforeseen technical difficulties, the video clip is only available as Audio 

Here are the questions that were submitted:

Tyler Albarado, Texas – Who is your biggest inspiration for her act/style?

Melissa Kutcher, Iowa Do you think that Eurovision will help change the way the LGBT community will be accepted in the world?

Safakis Dogan, New York – What do you think about the homophobic countries like Russia and Turkey and do you feel like you are fueling the “Eurovision is gay” perception?

Julio Moscoso, New York What’s your favorite eurovision song from previous years?

Luis De La Cruz, California – What is the hardest thing about joining the business?

Mike Keymel, New York – Would you ever consider coming to the US to perform? We would all love to meet you if she ever did!

Misha Raber, Missouri – What does Eurovision mean to you?

Kevin Holmes, Virginia – Dear Conchi:  how would you use song to influence positively the positions of governments in Russia, Nigeria and Uganda to improve the lives of their LGBT citizens?

Javier Serrano, California – All participants want to win the Eurovision Song Contest, be that as it may; what are your obligations as an artist to perform particularly well for your country?

Andrew Fendelman, Texas – Having the unique and great appearance that you have, what has been the reaction of people when going out in different countries?

We would like to thank all the American Eurovision fans that where able to participate and keep a close eye because next on our list is Sweden’s Sanna Nielsen!


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