A look back on Semi Final 1

10 countries advance to the finals!

The Eurovision Song Contest started with a bang! lot’s of great acts and excellent atmosphere

Photo: Sander Hesterman (EBU)

Photo: Sander Hesterman (EBU)

The show started with a view on last year’s Emmelie De Forest’s winning song ‘Only Teardrops’ and she was walking around Denmark until reaching Copenhagen. Once there, you saw fans singing along the instrumental part of the song that was submitted by actual fans earlier the year.

The Danes have literally taken the slogan #JoinUs literally. They had many interaction with fans and many submitted videos, the ‘Create your flag’ contest. The Maltese had fans submit pictures of them so they can show it onstage (you’ll see it on Thursday). Also Iceland had fans submit a videos so they can use for the voting in the Grand Finals.

Armenia opened the show with a lot of energy. Hungary was the last contestant with a strong and powerful message. During the voting, a video was shown around Denmark and it’s beauty and as a joke, they made it too perfect to appeal to everyone, ah the Scandinavian sense of humor haha – it reminded us of last year’s video around Sweden.

The time came to reveal the 10 finalists! The show was filled with so much talent that only 10 acts were selected out of the 16 to compete in the Grand Final.

Photo: Andres Putting (EBU)

Photo: Andres Putting (EBU)

Montenegro was called first! this is Montenegro’s first time ever to be in the Grand Finals and it was very well deserved for having such a beautiful performance and a great song. Hungary was later called and then Russia. Russia’s entry was a song about love and peace, yet it was disturbing to see fans booing at them yet the Tolmachevy sisters have no involvement with the Russian government. The purpose of the contest is to unite all countries together. Armenia and Azerbaijan were called and to everyone’s surprise, San Marino has FINALLY reached the Finals!! Valentina Moneta has finally done it and we are very happy for her. Ukraine and Sweden  were called but it was no surprise, specially with the magical performance the Sanna Nielsen did. The Netherlands also made it to the Finals with a very great entry, this is the second time in a row that The Netherlands made it to the Finals after so many years of unsuccessful tries. And last but not least Iceland  was called! their strong message of no prejudice payed off very well and their performance was a fun one that it was too catchy to be forgotten. They put a great mood to the arena and such bright colors made their group, the most colorful of the year.

Semi Final 2 is on Thursday at U.S. 3:00 pm Eastern time (2:00pm Central)

Watch it live : http://www.eurovision.tv/page/webtv


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