Denmark 2011: Tim Schou Debuts a new single!

‘Supernova” debuted last Friday before the Grand Finals of the Eurovision Song Contest

Supernova – Single – Tim Schou

Tim Schou who proudly represented Denmark in 2011 with ‘A Friend in London’ has launched a solo career. He was here in the United States in Los Angeles working and producing a single ‘Supernova’ with Xandy Berry.

Supernova IS available in the iTunes stores in the US


“I’m excited to finally getting the ball rolling and start putting music out, and even more excited that I get to do it at the same time as Eurovision is happening in Copenhagen. Eurovision and my band A FRIEND IN LONDON made my dream, of being a world touring artist, come true and now “all” I gotta do is follow up on it and that’s exactly what I’m trying to do with SUPERNOVA” – I can’t wait for my FRIENDS to hear it.” -Tim Schou

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