Sweden wins the Eurovision Song Contest 2015!

Sweden wins the Eurovision Song Contest 2015!



Russia: Polina Gagarina with the song ‘A Million Voices’

It was an exciting evening! well afternoon for us in the U.S. We tuned in what a great opening the Eurovision Song Contest had for us. After all the contestants performed, it was the long awaited voting results from the countries. A lot of surprised brought the results as the voting results kept pouring in. The top three from the start were Sweden, Russia, and Italy. and for a moment there it seemed the Russia was going to win. Russia had a great song and delivered such a great performance. It was a very emotional performance. Sweden later caught up with the points and cemented itself in number one. Sweden won with 365 points the third-highest score in the history of ESC. While Russia got second place with 303 points. Italy third with 292 points.

“I’m so happy and I want to say thank you for voting for me,” he told the crowd. “I want to say we are all Heroes, no matter who we love, who we are or what we believe in – we are all heroes.”-Måns Zelmerlöw

‘Heroes’ is the third-highest-scoring song in the history of the contest.



Recap of the Grand Finals 2015

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