A Look Back: Azerbaijan 2009

The Eurovision Song Contest 2009: Azerbaijan

In 2009 it was the second time that Azerbaijan entered the contest with a fiery and catchy performance. Arash and Aysel were chosen to represent Azerbaijan with the song ‘Always’.

Iranian-Swedish singer Arash co-wrote the song and later was decided to join Aysel onstage as a duet. Azerbaijan’s entry was regarded as a favorite and had been predicted by many as being likely to finish in the top five in the Grand Final

Azerbaijan scored third place with 207 points behind Iceland with 218 points

watch the exciting performance from the Grand Final



Always on my mind
Always in my heart

I`ve been waiting for you night after night
Like a shadow staying close to the light

Suddenly you stand beside me and I see
A million burning stars

You are
Always on my mind
Always in my heart
And I can hear you call my name
On a mountain`s high
Always on my mind
Always in my dreams
I wanna hold you close to me
Always all the time

I believe I`m addicted to you
In your eyes I see dreams coming true
Finally I have found you and now
I will never let you go




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