Alfa Jazz Fest 2016: The Soul of Jamala. Watch it live

Jamala, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 will be headlining the international jazz festival ‘Alfa Jazz Fest 2016’ in Lviv, Ukraine.


The festival will take place on June 24-28 and will be held in Lviv, Ukraine. There will also be a live broadcast on YouTube.

The unique performance named “The Soul of Jamala will be performed only once. Jamala’s performance will be divided in two parts. The first half will be a jazz performance accompanied with a jazz quartet. She will be singing songs from various years and Crimean Tatar folk songs. The second half of the performance, she will be singing the songs from her 2015 album “Подих” (Breath).

The ensemble will include famous musicians such as

  • Yukhym Chupakhin, piano
  • Denys Moroz, bass & harmonica
  • Serhii Balalaiev, drums
  • Dmytro Bondarev, trumpet & flugelhorn
  • Orhan Agabeyli, percussion
  • Shevket Zmorka, accordion
  • Ruslan Bolatov, piano
  • Armen Kostandian, duduk

More updates still to come!

We will also post the links to watch it live once



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