Join Us!

International Network of Fan Clubs of Eurovision, U.S.A 


Joining the USA branch of the INFE Network is easy, simply fill out the form and submit, you’ll get an invitation as soon as it is received. To be part of the INFE USA you must:
  •  reside in the United States

Upon accepting the invitation you will be a full pledge member of the INFE USA and part of the INFE Network. You’ll have yearly meetings that you can attend if possible, meet ups with other INFE Members at the Eurovision Song Contest Venue (such members as INFE Greece, Spain, Cyprus, USA, ect…), exclusive privilege to ask our ESC entrants questions when we are doing interviews via Skype, live, ect.

Being in the Fan club you’ll be having a great time in Eurovision with the INFE Group, so you will never have to be alone or worry about going alone to the contest. Membership cards have been discussed and an answer will soon be available. INFE USA shirts have also been brought up but not yet discussed. Being an INFE USA member you will also have the option of being part of the INFEvision Video Contest. Any questions feel free to email me at

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